Assateague Ponies

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Tours will resume in Spring 2022. The 2022 Season: MARCH 19th - NOVEMBER 20th

Reserve the Assateague cruise or kayak tour now by credit card or PayPal. You can use your credit card through the PayPal secured system; a PayPal account is not required. Seats are limited, and this will assure your date & time are reserved in your name.

Get the most out of your vacation with the Combo Tour (SAVE 10%). You can do the cruise & kayak tour or go twice on the boat or kayak as the combo tour. Herds of wild horses, dolphins & other wildlife move around all day long. The combo tour is the best way to see the most wildlife & scenery. Since you've come all this way, enjoy seeing as much as you can on the Combo Tour.

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INSTRUCTIONS: Choose the tour (cruise, kayak tour or combo tour) and time from drop-down menu (or type in the date & time) and fill out the other sections below, then click the "Add to Cart" button. If you are going on a cruise and have any infants (2 & under), please choose the number of infants from the drop-down menu. Infants are free of charge, but it is important to let us know that you have an infant/infants since the boat capacity is limited and we need to know the head count (an infant counts as one person though there is no charge). We will not be responsible if you forget to indicate the number of infants and we can't accommodate everyone in your group. You will be able to add more adults or children once you add an adult or a child in your cart. Be sure to make a note to yourself what date & time you are reserving since the PayPal receipt may not show the date & time. Once you add to cart, add more adults or children; you can change the quantity on the next page (be sure to click on "update") or click on the "Continue Shopping" button to add an adult or a child. No need to enter duplicate infomation such as mobile phone number twice when adding a child or add a differernt tour.

* If the date/time is not available, you will be offered another day/time or your money refunded.
* For the Combo Tour, be sure to put the date & time for each activity (ex. 10:30am cruise 7/7/21, 1:30pm kayak tour on 7/8/21).
* When you reserve a kayak tour and have a preference of using a single or a double kayak, you can indicate in the "Date Requested / Notes" box or in the instruction box. We will try to accomodate your request, but please note that it is not a guarantee; the guide may choose which kayak and we ask you to respectfully accept his decision).
* The 10:30AM cruise & 8:30AM kayak tour on Annual Pony Swim day & Return Swim day (last consecutive Wednesday & Friday in July - e.g. Wednesday July 27, 2022 & Friday July 29, 2022) are NOT available due to the special Pony Swim charter and kayak tour.

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Photo Gallery

Photos taken on the tour of Assateague, Chincoteague wild ponies, wildlife & scenery.

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Videos of the cruise & kayaking along Assateague & Chincoteague.

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Tour Brochure

Explore and experience that feeling of discovery. Your outdoor adventure begins here.

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Assateague Explorer featured on the ABC Good Morning America Show.

Cruise / Kayak - 2022 Season
March 19th - November 20th

7 days a week.
Reserve now, the reservation office is open all year.
Advanced reservations are recommended.

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